Boats and Gear For Sale or Wanted


Resonable Offers considered. INCLUDES regoed and wofed ROAD TRAILER. MEINDAD 413, a top South Island boat is now ready for sale located in CHCH, Plywood sidetanker hull painted inside and out over winter with altex paint system and will still be close to weight as she was bang on while sailed with under coat for prev seasons. Mast new 2 years ago. Set of main and jib Linton regatta sails new 2010 still with plenty of life, hood spinnaker and a spare jib (port nicholson) and main (linton) for club sailing. Short and long centre boards, 2 timber rudder stocks and tiller ( one made by Alex Drysdale 2012), a second rudder blade ready to glass, boat well set up for racing and rego'd for this seasons racing. South Islands 1st equal 9/10,12/13 second on count back both times, South Island runner up 10/11, 13/14, Canty champ 9/10,10/11,12/13,13/14, PRICE $4000 but will be open to reasonable offers below that, Call Craig 03 3880150 027 2051731.

Sold Your Boat ?

Please tell the Class Association Registrar or Secretary so we can keep track of the boat, and keep it registered and in the system. Please e-mail the contact details of the new owner to us.

We have lost a number of boats out of the system since 2011. If you have sold a boat since then can you e –mail one of us to tell us where it went to please?

Registrar : Rob Daniel

Secretary : Nigel Price

Another benefit of doing this is that we get enquiries all of the time from people looking to buy a sunburst. If at a regional level the regional rep knows where good but not currently being sailed sunbursts are, we can point the purchaser in the direction of the owner to see if they want to sell it. It is one way to keep your fleet size up, by having as many boats as are around out being used regularly rather than being parked up in a basement, garage or club boat locker.

Want to Sell Your Boat ?

E-mail the details to our webmaster who will run an ad for you on the website.